Plugin: Random Note

The plugin opens a note at random from your vault. You can create a custom hotkey that opens a note at random, or use the defualt hotkey Ctrl+Alt+R

Please see the ReadMe on Github for full instructions

Check out the GitHub repo here


Oh my god, this was so necessary. This has been requested previously, and I even tried to write some python script which is now defunct.

I'm trying to use Joplin as "Personal Knowledge Base", and once I have collected enough notes I don't remember which ones I have. The "random" button is a beautiful way to (re-) discover old notes, then review them, connect them to other notes, or move them to a more relevant folder.

Thanks a lot for this, I'm looking forward to try it out! :heart: (edit: Works like a charm, best thing since sliced bread!)


An interesting idea, but I don’t know what the usage scenario is


This is for example very useful if you take a lot of "atomic" notes (small and dedicated to one idea) and you need to go through them in a non-hierarchical way to remember that you didn't tag this one or put references in that one. I will be useful to apply this to a specific notebook.


Thanks for the neat plugin. If possible, I also would like the option to open random notes from a specific notebook only. I realize that's not as random, but I can see situations when it might be just what I want to do.

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Awesome timing, I was wanting this earlier today! Thank you!

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Yeah that could be a useful feature, Thanks for the feedback. Also I think having the option to open a random tagged note, like randomly open notes with a specific tag only, will be pretty neat... I’ll try to implement these and make them available in the next update of the plugin


That would be nice. Would also be cool to be able to exclude completed todos.


Yes +1 for that.

Yeah that will be cool too

Wow, great plugin. For me and my work this function is important. Thanks alot!

Maybe something to improve: I clicked it for about 100 times and by feeling about 30% of the notes show twice or often (out of about 10.000 notes). Maybe you could increase the level of randomness. Or am i doing something wrong!?

@Kaid00, it looks like the plugin doesn't implement pagination, so it's always going to return results within the first 100 notes.

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Ohh... I see, thanks for pointing that out, I'll look into it

Wow, thanks for the feedback.

No, you aren't. It seems as @laurent rightly pointed out, the plugin is always going to return a random note within the first 100 notes it Gets as it doesn't implement Pagination yet. So I'll try to work on this as soon as I can along with the above-mentioned feature upgrades, should be all good in the next release


Still really looking forward for the next release!

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I don't now why but even with the new update (v1.0.3) I can't use the plugin. I don't see anything under sections Options->Plugins and even command palate and default shortcut does noting. Any ideas what is wrong.
I'm using Joplin 2.3.5 (prod, linux).
Thank you for the help and work on the really useful plugin. :slight_smile:

Great plugin! Is it available on the Android app ?

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Hi, plugins on mobile are not available as of yet

Awesome plugin, it's already improved my life. Thanks for creating it.

Are you able to make it select a random note from within a given folder?

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