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I was thinking it would be posible to add the feature to retrieve a random note from my notebooks to create new connections

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I don’t understand what you are trying to say. What new connections?

Mental connections, I guess. It's useful when Joplin is your knowledge-database, and you want to review it regularly.

In particular, getting shown a random existing note may...

  1. ...help you memorize your knowledge (like a flash-card system)
  2. ...motivate you to update this note with new knowledge
  3. ...motivate you to connect this note to other parts of your knowledge base, by moving it to a more appropriate folder, editing the tags, or linking it in other notes

I've written a simple python script (link) and consider it hugely useful. You probably need some python-experience to get it running.

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Is there any way to make this as a plugin? Unfortunately, I don't have enough Python experience to get it working.

While you are waiting for a plug-in, try this:
< goto anything > and type two or three random chars, e.g. fe or ghy (or add *).
If your database of notes is large enough there will be several search results. Pick one. It's pseudo-random, sure, but I think it serves the purpose of the memory game desired.

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