Toggle Note list shortcut doesn't work

In the new 1.1.1 desktop version on windows 10 the Toggle Note list shortcut doesn’t work . Also what is the difference between the Sidebar shortcut and the Toogle sidebar shortcut? the former one doesn’t seem to do anyhing.

Thanks in advance and Congratulatiosn for the great work

There wasn’t actually a shortcut for Note List Toggle, I think the one you looked at was to focus the note list. I’ll add a shortcut for note list toggle and also clarified the command names in the next release.

Yes, you are right, it was to focus on note list. Great you are adding a shortcut to toogle the list. Thanks a lot for the great work. BTW, any news regarding the hierarchical tags?

No particular news but the developer who implemented the feature said he’s busy at the moment, but might get back to it at a later time.