Plugin: Note Link System

Love the plugin! I found a bug in 0.5.0 with Quick Links and heading selection. To reproduce:

  • Start a Quick Link to a different note that has headers. That note will appear in the selection list.
  • Select that note from the target note selector with the cursor keys and hit Enter. The header target selector will appear.
  • Hit Space. A space is inserted between the Joplin link ID and the closing parenthesis.

Once this happens:

  • The header target selector will persist on screen, even in app settings.
  • If an element is selected in the target selector list, hitting Enter will now only insert the id of the selected target.

The only way to fix this is to restart Joplin.

The expected behavior would be that the header target selector disappears, the cursor ends up outside of the href parenthesis, and a space is inserted after the Markdown link structure.

Also, can requiring a link to a header be an optional setting?

Never mind the last one, I just discovered "Quick Link: Enable Link to Element". :stuck_out_tongue:

One suggestion: Right now after selecting a note, the header selection appears. When I press ESC, it closes again, and the link text gets selected for rewriting.
In maybe half the cases, this is exactly what I want; in the rest, I would like to keep the link text as it is and continue writing.

Would it be possible to update the behavior so that when link text is selected, pressing ESC would cancel the selection and move the cursor to the end of the link?
That would let me just hit esc and continue writing.

v0.6 brings new feature: url icon


That is an awesome feature!

v0.7 new feature: clip url in editor




v0.7 is brilliant!

Unless there's something I'm missing, it seems like several of the features are not working.

I can't get any backlinks to load. They should be loading automatically, but they don't even load when I click the button.

Previews aren't working either.

The plugin also seems to slow my system down to the point where I can't run Joplin.

Really cool ideas, and I get it's not at v1.00+ yet—just letting you know!

@B0BIC You can provide a minimal reproducible demo here or as github issue.

Hi @ylc395

Thanks again for this plugin. I personally find it very useful to be able to choose a default notebook for task or note creation, when these are non-existent.

I would find it very useful in the perspective of a GTD type of management which supposes to quickly capture notes and or tasks on the fly in "inbox".

Sorry, but what's this?

GTD (for Getting Things Done) is a productivity methodology for tasks management very popular.

It is based on a first principle of quick capture of todos or notes in an "inbox" folder in order to sort, classify and organize them afterwards. This capture process must be done with as little friction as possible so as not to disrupt the rest of the work in progress.

My idea is the following. While I am taking notes in Joplin I have a task to write down and I would like to be able to do "@@" + write task so that it is created in an "inbox" notebook that I will consult later. Currently, the todo or note must be created in the same notebook as the note being edited.

Ok. So this is feature request about choosing a folder when creating new notes by QuickLink. This is an acceptable feature. I'll come up with the detail and implement.

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Yes, exactly. And for the todo especially...
Thank you for considering this request :+1:

Big shout out: @ylc395 you made me come back to Joplin! I was needing to anyway (after setting up my own system in VSCode, and now needing a way of outlining my writing). I had moved to VSCode due to the lack of a Feature 4: preview local/remote URL, which thanks to your plugin (plus the agile backlink and quick link functionality) really gives me all I need for journaling in a setup where I can use markdown and vim, and even VSCode as an external editor if I really need it. So, thanks so much! I have Joplin running on Ubuntu, MacOS and Android, so if you need help debugging stuff, I'll be watching out how I can help with this great plugin!


I was very skeptical whether that would be any good; but having tried it with the icons, I have to say it's genius.

How does it work? Does it cache the icons locally, or make a request every time?

make requests every time. But most requests are cached by the browser.

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Hi @ylc395

I am raising this question because it is something that bothers me on a daily basis. I would like to know at first glance about the backlink refers to a note or a todo.

What would be the best way to do it?

Create New Note and link it in-place.

I want to create a new note and link directly to the place where I'm currently at.

Maybe when type @@new note title and hit enter. a new note with the title can be created and jump into edit the new note, while the new note has been linked into the preview note

Hi everyone! Great plugin and I love it. Can you please explain to me how can I make the default size of the referers panel about 15% of the total app width and not half of the width like it is by default. I have to resize it every time I click on it.

Also, can you please elaborate how can I disable link icons (youtube, github, etc.) in rendered view?