Plugin: Metis - Todo.txt based Task Manager

Hello everyone, this is my latest plugin which add a new way to manage task within plugin.
It is based on todo.txt specification.


There is only a handful of features at the moment but it is enough to be useful.
Please check github for details usage.


Oh that’s great !

Hi @hieuthi

I wanted to do a quick test but after the installation it seems that it does not work for me :thinking:

Joplin 2.6.2 (prod, linux)

Version 0.1.2 will fix the issue. It will be up any minute now.



Thanks for this plugin that fills a gap. Being one of those who do not work with the markdown viewer open (just the editor), I would find it very useful to have the results in a side panel.


After another test, it seems that sorting by completionDate don’t work

Could you confirm ?

None of your tasks had completionDate so it functioned correctly. Check GitHub - todotxt/todo.txt: ‼️ A complete primer on the whys and hows of todo.txt. for the specification.

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+1 (I don't use the viewer either.)

A workaround, maybe, is to use the Persist Editor Layout Plugin to have only your TODO notes in split view.


Update version 0.1.3

Fix some minor bugs and now you can change priority directly with rendered view.

Out of curiosity: any reason why the plugin is called Metis and not Todo.txt?

e.g. when I saw the name alone without any description it didn't tell me anything.


Yes. Todo.txt is just a set of rules, a task manager is more than that, it needs features to be useful. In short, as this plugin will become more opinionated about what features it has and has not over time it is better to use a characterized name instead of a descriptive name.

The downside is people may overlook it, but so be it as I have no incentive to make it popular. People need it will find it eventually anyway.


FWIW, searching for todo on the options>plugin page does pop up this plugin.

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I would be curious to know what you plan to develop for this plugin ?

Great work! I've waiting for this plugin. Many thanks.

I deliberately don't provide the development plan because as any open-source project, the development may be ceased for any number of reasons so no need to cultivate unnecessary expectation. The plugin at its current stage is fully functional and useful as it is though.

Another reason is that while I have a feature backlog, their priorities are constantly changed depending on which bug/feature seems to affect my actual workflow the most.

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Updated v0.1.4

  • Added todo.txt language mode for CodeMirror

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Updated v0.1.5


  • Render projects and contexts list


  • Several bug fixes and GUI changes

Awesome plugin! Been thinking about moving away from Google tasks for while and this implementation of this system looks great!

One thing though, do you have any plans to have the plugin sync with a txt file on the harddrive? That way it can also be synced to mobile etc...

I imagine this working like you specify where you want the plugin to put the file on the harddrive, then you specify where to put the note for it, then whenever one updates, the other syncs up with it...

I get why you might be against the idea but I think it'd be such a godsend! Either way, thanks for considering it :blush::blush:

EDIT: or any functionality for getting tasks into/out of Joplin honestly, this is just the idea I came up with

Sorry, I have no plan to do something like that. It is too convoluted and have too many potential points for failure. For that usage, I think you're better off using some dedicated todo.txt application.

I use this plugin to have todo items in tandem with project note, so I have one todo list for almost every note instead of one big todo list in a dedicate note. So such feature has no practical use for my scenario either.

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I figured that would be the case, would've been nice to be able to put it all in Joplin but you're probably correct that a dedicated task manager is the way to go! Thanks anyway