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Persist Editor Layout Plugin

Here's another simple plugin to "persist" the editor layout (editor/split view/viewer) for each note separately.

It simply checks for some special tags (layout:editor|split|viewer) to switch to the expected editor layout on note selection change. You can either add the labels manually or via command. For details, please see the README.

The WYSIWYG editor is currently not supported. Only the markdown editor.


I was just thinking about this the other day! Thanks.

Could you support the WYSIWYG editor? I would love to have most notes use WYSIWYG but any note that involves a lot of code to use the markdown editor.

Actually I will. I've already planned to add in the next version. :wink:

A new version of the plugin has just been released: v1.1.0 (Release on GitHub)
It is already available in the plugin repository.

Notable changes:

  • User option to specify default editor layout (#3)
  • Support to persist rich text editor layout (#4)

This version requires Joplin v1.7.4 or newer

Is it ok to post support things here?

I just installed the latest version and I can't seem to get it to work. I've added "layout:viewer" as a tag to a certain note, but it always opens as editor. Am I missing something?

The latest version requires Joplin v1.7.4 or newer. I've updated my previous post. Which version are you using?

Oh, I'm using 1.6.7. The updater says that 1.6.8 is the next version. Is 1.7.4 a pre-release?

Have you considered storing layouts in a database? This way you don't need those special tags.

Yes, it is. I think there was a bug in the App that allows you to install plugin versions that are not suitable for your current version.

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OK, once I'm using that version of the app I'll check again. Thanks!

Yes, I've thought about that. But I decided to use tags instead of an extra database for the following reasons:

  • I like the workflow to simply add/remove tags to/from the notes.
  • I wanted to create a plugin to fit my use case quickly.
  • With tags the layout will be synced at least across desktop devices.
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Makes sense, thanks for explaining

Using 1.7.11 on Mac Mojave (10.14.6): there is no ”Tools > Options > Persistent Layout” menu item—it goes ”Tools > Persist Editor Layout” so there seems to be no way to change the settings (unless I’m seriously misunderstanding the Readme file, which certainly could happen!)…

Do you know the "Options" View of the App which can be opened via Tools > Options? In this view there should be a page for the plugin.

All those plugins have icons, except mine :frowning:

Makes me realise that sections should have a default icon, otherwise indentation doesn't look right.

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No: that does not exist, and what is truly surprising—in my OSX copy of v.1.7.11, menu choices act like almost a different program—

The ”Tools” menu choice does not have an ”Options” item to select (and I don’t see one anywhere else):

The screenshot you show looks like the ”Preferences” pane in my OSX version, which is under the ”Joplin” menu item"

That results in a pane similar to what you show, with just a few plugins listed at the bottom allowing for individual options:

As expected, nothing in the ”Plugins”pane allows for tweaking of individual plugins:

Thanks for working on this…

Ah okay, didn't know that the menu items differ on Windows and OSX. Than I should write the README a bit more generic.
Unfortunately I cannot see your pasted images here in the forum. So if you open the "Preferences" view is there a tab "Persistent Layout" visible? If you click on that there should be one option visible. Like in the screenshot I have posted before. If not, than there should be something wrong in the App itself.

odd that attachments when replying via email don’t show for you—they do on my mac…

but anyway, no: opening the Menu > Pref pane does not show your plugin at the bottom with the other plugins that allow options to be adjusted

however, opening Menu > Preferences > Plugins does show clearly i’ve installed your plugin

i’m surprised the win version is so different! should i report this app bug to the Jop devs, or will you?