Plugin: MarkMap

After saving to note, the text color is not visible in dark theme. Can we save will same color scheme as in viewer?

Thank you for your feedback!
A fix is pretty difficult to accomplish since Joplin uses the restricted <img>-tag for displaying the saved svg file, instead of the <svg>-tag. Because of the tag the color cannot change according to the current theme (dark/light).
There is the possibility to always use a font color that could be seen on a white as well as on a dark background, however, I am not sure whether this is a good idea...

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Hi first of all i like you Addon really much +rep.

I have a question will it be possible to add the functionality to use pictures in the map?

Like instead of the text after a "#" one could insert a picture and it would showup in the map


I tested it right now and it seems that images using an url work (e.g. ![gif] ( ) but not if images from joplin are used. I will look into it.

First of all, thanks so much for this plugin! I went to your source code site and found just the issue I was going to mention, namely in issue 1, since when I tried to include front matter specifying initialExpandLevel, but it didn't work. And I see you have raised that very issue yourself.

Simply wanted to "like" that issue, whenever it can be solved that would be great! (cannot login to gitea page, otherwise simply would have registered support for that issue there).

Thanks again for a great plugin, it's great, for example, how the popup is a browser window itself, so it respects link and you can return to the markmap!

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Hey, Sorry for a dumb question

But how does the export to HTML thing work? When I export the HTML normally and open it. All I see is the first blue line. Nothing can be clicked.

All my notes are usually stored and synced with the Joplin Server Docker container. so they aren't stored locally.

Hi @RitZz,

Thank you for asking!
There was a bug which is why it did not work. It should now be fixed in version 1.4.2.

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Awesome, thanks for making it clear.

Waits patiently for v1.4.2

Thanks for the bug fix. I'm also waiting for v1.4.2 to show up for update under the Plugins section, but don't see it yet. Does this happen for major versions only or am I missing something on my end?

Hey everyone,

There is now even another update! v1.5.0, with the following changelog:


    Toolbar functionality
    Update markmap version to v0.15.4

(Hopefully the publishing process went well this time so that the update will be shown within the next hour)


Thanks for making this plugin, it is great! One issue I am having is that I can't get the frontmatter (JSON options - markmap docs) to be used by the extension. For example, when I add

  maxWidth: 300

it does not change the rendering behavior

Hi @mshuflin,

I know it is not quite what you are asking for, but I have implemented global settings for markmap rendering, as described by your referenced docs. I wanted to start with this first since it is, in my view, more elegant than having the front-matter in the notes in joplin even though it does not allow per-note settings.
Later, I will additionally include per-note settings. Hopefully until then joplin will have a more elegant way to either hide the front-matter or move this data to note metadata.

Nonetheless, I hope that this update helps your use case a bit.

Version 1.6.0:


    Feature: Global settings for markmap rendering

Thanks so much! That actually fits my use case even better, as I essentially just want to wrap the long text on all my notes and don't want the front matter in my notes

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This plug-in is very interesting to me, but it seems to only present the content of a single note as a map. I have used TheBrain and XMind extensively and looking for the similar feature in Joplin that can present a FOLDER/NOTEBOOK (instead of a note) or a TAG as a mind map. And the sub-folder/sub-notebook becomes a node that extended into a branch. And maybe the first image in the note maybe optionally used as node icon.

Would it be possible to be implemented in this plug-in? or suggestion to another plug-in? Thanks!

Hi @dukeja,

Unfortunately, I do not see a way to integrate this feature into the current plugin since it would need to integrate with different joplin mechanisms compared to the current plugin.
Nonetheless, parts of the current plugin code could be reused. If I have some time I will look into it.

Thank you so much for your reply.

I came to realized that the MarkMap is more like Xmind (graphical view of a single note) instead of "mind map" (graphical view of linked notes). Each has its own wonderful use, but they are quite different in both usage and coding.

Is there a means to refresh the mindmap as you edit the document? If I hit CTRL-SHIFT-M it will open a second mindmap view, but not just refresh the current one.

Hi @t0dd,

With version 1.7.0 this problem should alleviated, since now CTRL-SHIFT-M should just refresh the mindmap without opening a new view.


    Feature: Refresh dialog when hotkey is pressed
    Disable markmap branding on toolbar
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That solved it. Thanks.