Plugin: GPT

Hi all,

I've published plugin to use Chat GPT for your note taking. You can summarize your notes, ask AI to continue with your notes, search related notes and get answers based on your notes. Just press Ctrl+G to open GPT panel and query AI.

You can find the plugin on github GitHub - OndreVo/JoplinGPTPlugin

I hope it will be helpful for you. I would love to get your feedback on how to make it better and more useful.


Thanks, for developing this plugin. Unfortunately, after installing the plugin and including an API key, Joplin shows these issues.
Joplin 2.10.16 (prod, Linux) Ubuntu 22.04

Do you know what is the problem? I am not an IT expert.
And later In Joplin there is not any answer from ChatGPT.

Hi Eduardo, thanks for your feedback. This is just an info where is plugin's database located. It's not an issue. Can you keep this window open, send a query to chatgpt and send me printscreen? Be aware that sometimes it takes a bit of time for chatgpt to respond.

Nice work. But this is a deal killer for me...

All indexed notes and queries (including all notes added to the query) are sent to OpenAI

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Hi, thanks for feedback. Do you have any service (or selfhosted solution) where you'd be willing to send your data and which give reasonable results? I'm planning to connect other services as well.

Maybe I'm an outlier... but for a ChatGPT-like service, I would have to self-host.

It is odd to me that between E2E encryption, and biometric lock/unlock access to our Joplin data, that many would open their notes to a 3rd-party.

But for some that don't share my tinfoil hat ideology, his may be fine.

Interesting project though.


Aren't there options available around auto gpt?