Jop is a messenger

Sure not everybody's cup of tea, but we are testing Joplin as a messenger app these last couple of days. Two Android phones, separate cloud storage (webdav, not the cloud I use for my notes), and the checkboxes feature (a little tricky in Android - [ ] ). No dependency on the good will of 'some' company with a 38 pages long privacy policy, which changes every few weeks, approved by default. Here is how it works so far:

  • both phones sync-ed manually (the current min of 5min for automatic sync is too long)
  • one common notebook called messages
  • one note for every conversation (or every day if you like)
  • text added turn-by-turn by the participants (followed by a manual sync event)
  • we use checkboxes in front of every message in order to signal the message was read.

Just thought somebody had an interest, or ideas how to ... And if sb could help us develop a plugin for this purpose, ... I have a few ideas.
We will soon test additional features (already built into Jop). If you interested add hearts to this post, and I'll keep you posted.


Out of interest, why would you not use something like Signal or Telegram - both of which are open source and set up your own server that way if you are that concerned about other companies hosting the data and providing the server.


There are always 7 ways to go to Rome, just checking it out :wink:

I'm using Joplin as a frying pan. I open a note that includes an x265 video that plays in a loop. The CPU gets so hot that I can fry eggs on the case. Isn't that just great? So much easier than just using a frying pan.

(Apologies, I had to do that. It's called sarcasm. Not always appreciated, thus I already brace myself for the fallout.)


Probably just a pre-release bug that'll get fixed for the stable release, you'll have to ask Laurent for an option to keep x265 overheating mode enabled. /s


your line is funny, I mean it :wink:
the line under the chart is not funny at all in a world where children work in mining to produce the ore needed for the phones you throw away after 6 months because the next version is on firesale. I wouldn't spread it.

Thank you for your response, Daeraxa,
See I don't have time to forage the internet for the latest services, my business is not s/w, and as I haven't come across Signal in Bruce Schneier's newsletter, I must have missed it. That's why your input is appreciated.
My little experiment with Jop however doesn't hurt, right ?

No, I was just curious and offering alternatives that might be faster/quicker etc. as they have a lot of extra features designed soley for being a messenger app including an absurdly strong encryption standard.

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