Min version

It seems that someone was able to install a plugin that only works on 1.7.x according to the manifest on Joplin 1.6.x.

Should that be even possible?

That's a good point. Currently it's only detected when the plugin is loaded, so it won't run but it won't prevent the user to install while indeed it should.

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So, I was thinking. When searching/browsing for plugins, we should maybe gray out the ones that don't satisfy the min version. So one can see the square (plugin) but not install it.

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Ideally with a brief reason as to why it cannot be installed and / or what version is required.

It think that would be too technical and wouldn't tell user much.
But min version required to install would be good solution.

By "brief reason" I meant something like,

This plugin requires Joplin v1.7.4 or above.

If users update when prompted there should not be too much of a problem. It's only in cases where the user opts not to or like this where a plugin is marked as only working with a pre-release version.

Yes that's already been implemented - I've simply put "Please upgrade your app" to keep it short as there's not so much space in the box.