Pre-release 1.6 is now available for download

  • New: Add support for Joplin Server sync target
  • New: Add more log info when a revision cannot be deleted due to still-encrypted item
  • New: Plugins: Add support for hiding and showing panels
  • New: Plugins: Added joplin.workspace.selectedFolder()
  • Improved: Add extra macOS keys (#4259) (#4257 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Made editor padding more consistent and ensure it is present even when sidebars are gone
  • Improved: Plugins: Allow loading external JS or CSS from dialog
  • Improved: Sort attachments in a case insensitive way in Attachments screen (#4273 by @Daeraxa)
  • Improved: Upload Big Notes to Onedrive (#4120) (#3528 by Jonathan Heard)
  • Fixed: file:// URLs would not be rendered correctly
  • Fixed: MacOS: Fixed paste as text in Rich Text editor
  • Fixed: Plugins: Allow API paths that contain 4 elements (#4285)

New update is available:

  • New: Add support for searching and installing plugins from repository
  • Improved: Support natural sorting by title (#4272 by @volatilevar)
  • Fixed: #4317: Spell checker inserts correction at wrong location (#4318) (#4317 by @CalebJohn)
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May also display the installed version and a link to the plugin homepage from the manifest.json as help / explanation for the plugin?

Indeed I could add some more metadata, the link in particular would be hepful.

I would vote for the installed version too!

v1.6.5 is available now:

  • New: Plugins: Added joplin.settings.onChange event
  • Improved: Do not display error message when fixing ENEX resource mime type (#4310)
  • Improved: Handle case where a command is sent to an editor that is gone
  • Improved: Improved support for bold and italic format when importing ENEX file (#4316)
  • Fixed: Fix issue that was preventing editor context menu from being refreshed (#4303 by @CalebJohn)
  • Fixed: Fixed OneDrive issue that would require a full resync every time (#4324) (#4313 by Jonathan Heard)
  • Fixed: Fixed attaching local files that contain spaces in path
  • Fixed: Fixed context menu not being displayed on high DPI screens
  • Fixed: Plugins: Fixed "exportFolders" command when exporting JEX file (#4308)
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Just a quick update to bring back the "Install from file" plugin feature, and I think we're ready for the release.

Hi @laurent, since the latest updates 1.6.5 & 1.6.6 the OneDrive works fine, but I use a simple template to change font and its size, and this no longer works. Reverting back to 1.5.14 and the template is fine.
I am on windows 10 pc
Regards Adrian

What does this mean?