Plugin: Copy Anchor Link

@laurent why is this not integrated into the main app? Are you opposed to the integration?

Why is that feature not integrated into joplin? @laurent22 are you opposed to that? I mean that is a feature that makes life easier and does not hurt anyone and I think many would use it. At a minimum it is a better workaround than copying the id, the going to note, then remembering the syntax and then writing, as it is right now.

And a very important is, that it gets integrated into the PHONE APP.

Many note taking apps has this function with different approaches, but never with such difficult a approach as joplin. for example notion has a button "copy link to block" for example. But this approach presented by @hieuthi is the best i think.

@hieuthi made it like in github, am i correct? If so I think it needs to be polished before integrating. For example It would be better if the icon would be smaller, like github does
image. I would also suggest to darken the color. And of course the main thing is to remove the letters

Alright but before that a jump to the title should be implemented. External link to an anchor