Plugin: Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Plugin

This is the goto-plugin for whenever you're facing conflict issues! It'll provide a nice diff-window in which you can see the differences between your current note and the note received from cloud.

How to use

After you have a conflict note, you can simply right click the note in the conflicts folder and then you'll see a new button called Resolve Conflict. Pressing it will open the diff-window.

In the case of using the plugin on an old conflict, the plugin may fail to find the source note to compare to, so, it'll open for you another window, in which, you can select the other note which you want to compare it. (Beware that this selected note will be overwritten with the new merged note!)


You can get the latest version of the plugin through Joplins Plugin Repository inside of Joplin itself.

Bugs and feature requests

Please report any bugs you find and/or any features you'd like to see over at Github here: Issues · joplin/plugin-conflict-resolution · GitHub

However, if you don't have a Github account, reporting here in this thread also works :slight_smile:


Update v1.2

  • The plugin will now match Joplin's theme.
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I've been waiting for a while to get a conflict so I can try this plugin, and I finally have. Very useful plugin, thank you!

I just wish there was a one-click way to select the version you prefer to merge for each line/block, but even the current feature set makes it a lot easier to resolve conflicts.


Could you clarify this? Currently there is a button for each line/block (that's different) and a button to select merge all. It's not clear what you're suggesting that's different.

Perhaps something like this?

Source: Resolve conflicts | IntelliJ IDEA (


There's a difficulty in automatically generating a "merged" note. We could do the same idea of a 3-way merge but the middle editor would start empty. The issue is also that using a.2-way diff shows that that the right note will be the one getting changed. A 3-way merge, however, is not very clear which is being saved.

We could always change but this is reasons I went this way. Lmk what do you think.

This screenshot shows a 3-way merge but the point I would like to show is providing intuitive buttons in the groove/gutter in the conflict resolve window. Sorry for any misunderstanding caused.

As for the intuitiveness of 3-way merge, I think it should be fine. The title of each panel shows the version, with the middle one saying "Result". The direction of arrows also shows the flow of lines.

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Glad to hear, it appears that I missed it somehow. These buttons are a little small and dim on my macOS dark theme, Joplin 2.4.2.

I resorted to copy and pasting, and therefore my comment above.


Can't blame you for missing that!

@Ahmad45123 is there a way to make the arrows more visible? Maybe making them bigger, or at least a brighter colour?

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I'll look into it. Should be possible.

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@shikuz I've released a new update with slightly bigger arrows. The arrows will now match current theme as well to prevent them from "hiding" with the background.

Let me know if it's better now :slight_smile:


thanks @Ahmad45123! appreciate the fast response.
is the new version v1.2.2?
I'm not sure if I received the update, seems like my arrows are still the same color/size.

Latest plugin version is 1.2.10. You have to update manually through Joplin Plugins interface.

@Ahmad45123 still can't see the latest version on the plugins list in the app (for instance, the most recent version here is v1.2.2). do I need to download the file manually from somewhere?

Sorry for the delay! I was on a vacation.
I think I've found the issue. Check and let me know :slight_smile:

E: You should be able to update now.


No worries.
Looks better! Thank you for the fix, and again for the plugin!

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I'd like to know if the plugin is made just for conflict or if it can be used also in order to solve conflicts generated by a user which would led to have identical or almost identical notes in the collection of notes.


I'm not sure what do you mean exactly? Like ability to compare any 2 different notes, regardless of conflict ?

Exactly. I had problems of synchronization with joplin or earlier (my problem consists of 5000 notes imported from google keep that are almost all duplicated) and I did not found a better solution so that to keep two sets of almost the same notes. In most notes the only difference is that one note have the title repeated inside the note and the other does not have it. Is there is a way to simulate a conflict? I could change time of all this notes by switching from note to task and to notes back at different time on my desktop and my laptop without internet during this "move". Will this induce a conflict for those notes?

Hmm. I'm not sure if simply switching from Task to Note or vice versa will induce a Conflict. Worth trying but it's something that's decided by Joplin itself and not my plugin. Regardless, I've seen many people request the ability to show a diff between any 2 arbitrary notes. I'll be adding that feature soon in this plugin or maybe a separate new plugin.