Locked in a permanent state of conflict. How to resolve it? Copy paste doesn't work

Every time I make edit to a notebook. My change got reverted and pushed into a conflict folder

In git this will be resolved immediately to get a unified version

How to fix it?

You posted in development rather than support (moved). If you had posted in support you would have seen:

For bug reports, please post them on GitHub - Issues · laurent22/joplin · GitHub
If you post a bug report here, we cannot track it and there's a chance it won't be looked at and fixed.
For other support queries please indicate:

  • The version you are using. LATEST VERSION is not a version number!
  • If it is a sync issue, please let us know what you are syncing with.
  • If you report a problem with upgrading, please let us know both versions (from/to).
  • If you report a problem with the editor, please tell us which editor you are using (WYSIWYG/Markdown).
  • The operating system you are using.
    If you can also please provide a log, as described here: How to enable debugging | Joplin
    Posts that do not at least state the version number and operating system will not be answered.

Not trying to be petty but in order to stand a chance of providing support your fellow users or devs, on the forum or GitHub, need an idea about what the problem actually is.

This is not a bug report. I'm looking for a way to manually resolve the conflict (e.g. by editing save files on the cloud)

To answer your question:

  • version number: 2.1.8
  • sync target: Dropbox pesonal
  • not an upgrade or editor issue
  • OS: ubuntu 20.04
  • Sorry I forgot to generate the log file. I'll see if I can reproduce it later

Thanks a lot for your help

If I understand you correctly, you can't do that. Joplin works at client level. The files on the cloud storage are there for syncing only. Editing within dropbox / cloud storage is not supported. The only way to modify notes is using the Joplin client.

Check out this plugin to help resolve your conflict.

You can download it through Joplin itself.


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