How to resolve conflicts?

12.7.1 under iPadOS, 2.7.2 under Android

This issue was raised over a year ago:

However, the help tiopic:

still has no guidance on resolving conflicts.
I appreciate the impossibility of arutomating conflict resolution completely, but there are several ways in which the process could be facilitated, without incorporating diff / merge functions into joplin.
The workaround described in the above-cited discourse post is cumbersome to say the least. It sounds easy to „duplicate a post“, but one must first open the conflicting post in edit mode, then copy the contents, then open a new post, paste in teh copied content and save it. Why not just provide a „duplicate“ or „save as“ function?
Even more elegant would be a popup during sync offering the choice of one of the two conflicting versions or keeping the conflicting versions on the individual devices. This is an approach used by some other sync tools, e.g. the Outlook task sync facility in Samsung‘s Smart Switch.

On desktop there is a plugin Conflict Resolution available to check the differences and merge them:

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