All my notes are gone

I have Joplin installed on my computer and on my android phone. Both are synced with the same folder on a nextcloud server. Everything was working just fine but I do not really know why, suddenly my notes disappeared on my computer. I tried syncing, nothing. So I check the Android app and all my notes were there even after syncing (both where syncing to the same exact folder).

So I tried to create a new folder, sync both the computer and android app to it. Create a new note with my computer, refresh on my phone and the note appears. But when I’m back with my initial notes folder, nothing, they do not appear on my phone anymore !

My original notes folder is still full with a lot of .md files, .resource and .sync folders. But when I use it as my notes folder in the settings it looks like it’s empty. Is there any way to recover my old notes?

Can you provide log file to check if any errors occurr? Also a snapshot of the settings screen to check the Joplin folder .

Can you run, on the nextcloud server

joplin --profile /path/to/.config/joplin(-desktop)

The expected profile path is the one that owns the resources folder
And see if you can find your notes ?
If yes , nothing is lost yet.

What’s the desktop version and what’s the mobile version?