After Joplin synced to nextcloud, all notes were lost

Operating system
macOs 12.4

Joplin version
Csv Import: 1.0.1
Cursor Sync: 2.1.0
Folding in Code Mirror Editor: 2.0.1
JSheets: 1.1.3
Kanban: 1.0.7
Outline: 1.5.13
Persistent Editor Layout: 2.2.0
Pseudocode Support: 0.1.0

Desktop version info
2.13.15 (prod, Darwin)
I am using Joplin for Desktop for Mac (Copyright) © 2016-2024 Laurent Cozic

I am using Joplin for Desktop for Mac (all rights reserved) © 2016-2024 Laurent Cozic

After synchronizing to Nextcloud, Joplin 2.13.15 (prod, Darwin) has only two options under "Notebook" in the Joplin panel: "All Notes" and "Conflict". All previously created notes in "All Notes" have disappeared. I tried to use command+Shift+p "restoreNoteRevision+id" for recovery, but it also failed. What should I do now