Joplin was wiped, but I maintain the md files

Hi all, I hope this isn’t a repeat.

I made a mistake. The last few days I was having troubles with my nextcloud provider, so today I decided to change to a new one. Of course I didn’t read the change webdav info first. However this is what my current state is:

I have Joplin on three devices, phone(iPhone), tablet (Windows) and computer (Mac). I registered with a new host through nextcloud, and copied all the files from the previous one to the second one. Then I tried changing the webdav in Joplin and all my notes were deleted. Shit. I don’t understand why because after looking at the how to, both directories have the same files. Oh well, it happened, can’t change it.

So I try my tablet next, nothings changed. That’s nice until I try to update the webdav again. Same things happens, starts to delete everything, but this time I manage to stop it before it went too far, and I exported the remaining notebooks as a JEX file. But everything else is gone.

Lastly I check my iPhone, nothing has changed. It’s all I have left of (somewhat outdated notes). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try? I hope I’m not SOL, so much work would be wasted.

No, no complete backups, not even system backups - yes I know silly. Fail-safe only activated on my iphone, none of the other devices - didn’t know it existed there. I have the markdown files, but there are so many it would take ages to rename, reformat, parse through the complete ones and redevelop my library as before. It’s my fault for not looking at the how to first - I’m not passing blame. I’m just wondering if there is anything I might be able to do?

Nextcloud usually allows you to restore files.

Hey, thanks for the reply. It’s not that the files are gone from Nextcloud, rather that they’re gone from Joplin and I can’t figure out how to get them back. My last attempt was to follow the how to for changing the webdav process on my phone. Now I’m trying to synchronize my desktop client, but I don’t think it is working.

Whatever you do, make sure you have a backup of the files from the sync target on Nextcloud.

Now: create a local directory on your mac and copy the files there.
Make a copy/backup of your current Joplin profile directory and then delete the Joplin profile directory.
Start Joplin, set the local directory as the sync target and click sync.
After that make a backup with File -> Export -> JEX.

Now copy all the files in your sync target to your NEW Nextcloud server directory and change the sync target to Nextcloud and point to the correct directory on Nextcloud.


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Thank you! Almost perfect. It’s missing about half of my notes. This mirrors what I had when I cancelled my second attempt from my tablet. I wonder, is there any way to use my phone to be the primary source? Since it’s the only one nearly complete? If I make a new directory, then synchronize it, then use the above method on my desktop. Do you think that would work?

There’s no file system sync for iOS. And no, if you create a new directory on Nextcloud and change to that, it will wipe the data from your phone. It’s a 2 way sync. And the empty directory would be the latest change.

I currently don’t have access to my iPad. I misplaced it and I’m not really sure where it is, thus I don’t know, if you can export to jex on the iOS version. Maybe someone else has an idea.

But something is off. If you restored all the files on your Nextcloud, you should have all your data - not only half.

You rock! perfect solution. It works either if notes were encrypted