PCMag picks Joplin as its best FOSS note taking app of 2024


Note that co-author Jill Duffy is a Joplin user (as of 8/2023).


That's great, thanks for sharing! There's at least one of the cons that will be solved soon (OCR).

Evernote really has become terrible, now it's only "Best for Existing Evernote Users". I really wonder what's their strategy with their latest changes, maybe there's only aiming for the entreprise market or something (but there, there's already OneNote).

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Isn't is just that free services have never been profitable and they are giving up on the fantasy that it ever will?

Any way, congtatulations to you and the whole team for making such a great app and sharing it with the world!

EDIT: Omg, they really called it that.


I read lots of these reviews on lots of sites and find that in the note taking category none of the reviewers seem to consider privacy as a notable (pun intended) feature. If they did, the likes of Nevernote, NoneNote and most of the rest would never even make it to the testing phase. At least Jolplin lets the user keep the contents out of the clutches of the sync target provider. MS loves all those juicy notes from the NoneNote users and Nevernote's switch to an ex-Google boss years ago didn't fill me with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Joplin is the best.


I think it is just a fact of life that the vast majority of people simply aren't bothered about privacy. The importance of it is massively out of proportion with the FOSS community and most of these articles are meant more for the "mainstream". That isn't saying I don't think privacy is important but the fact that Google Chrome is still by far the most popular browser speaks volumes.


Congratulations to everyone involved with Joplin! You people have built an amazing note taking and capture product. Be proud! :clinking_glasses: :smiley: