Joplin is the best note-taking software


I did n’t have the habit of taking notes before. Some script code and my own diary are all casually written on paper, which is ordinary printing paper. The consequence is that I easily accumulate a pile of paper, and then I do n’t want to organize it.
Look around.
Plus, I need indexing.
So I started looking for note-taking software last week.

I don’t want to use online, it’s troublesome.
To pay and to endure its habits.
I want to find local, easy-to-use note-taking software.

How did I get started with Joplin

Later I learned about Joplin, which is open source and provides a convenient version.
The two panels allow me to easily manage different notes and organize and archive them easily.

Super amazing is that you can also link the browser to record and save the content of the webpage in many ways!
This is why Joplin is the only Joplin.
Of course, online note software service providers also provide similar, but the open source can be said to be Joplin.

user experience

Compared with typora, Joplin is strong in the functions of note management, function linkage (browser extension) and so on.

In terms of visual effects, typora is really sexy.
There are many themes, but its management is cumbersome. Simplicity means that there are a lot of features, only suitable for lightweight use, and only installation packages.

What Joplin makes me tempted is the Notebook and note on the left. The two columns are convenient for me to organize and archive.
In addition, there are convenient buttons that allow me to get the effect I want without having to enter lengthy Marodown syntax.
Although Markdown is a great syntax, sometimes, when I want to checkbox, I prefer a button, let me use it as a to-do list.

At first, I was not very used to the separation of the editor and the preview area. It may be the habits of typora.
Later I discovered that the separation of format and effect allows me to grasp the style of the content, because the format is sometimes disordered, and if separated, I can adjust it in time or not be misled by the wrong format.
Looking directly at the source code allows me to grasp the content quickly.
So now I also start to accept and like this separate design.

I hope that Joplin can think independently, what a note-taking software that users want and need should be.
Then, the Joplin team boldly implemented it!
I am now getting into the habit of electronic notes, and the code, operation, and my reflection and summary are recorded in Joplin.
Good job!


I second that :slight_smile: !

This the first day of using Joplin and I love it just after one hour try. I use typora a lot to write report. I like the feature of insert image by Ctrl-V, both Joplin and typora support this. As a markdown manager, Joplin is great. It support open file with external editor, which is very nice. So I can use typora to edit since it has more sexy theme and focus mode and then use Joplin to manage them and sync them. Hope it become better and better. Thanks for the great work! @JoplinTeam


I second that :slight_smile: :blush: :+1: