Moble apps and PCloud

Joplin: 12.12.1

Ok, another PCloud user here. My iPhone app started giving me the "PCloud Webdav not supported"

I never thought I'd contemplate this, but this may be a Joplin drop issue. I bought a lifetime membership to PCloud long before becoming a Joplin user.

And, my OneDrive is via my workplace. I am NOT storing my Joplin notes there. :wink:

Laurent posted a "hack" solution in a previous post:

"If you want you can enable it again by opening database.sqlite in your profile, and setting the key sync.allowUnsupportedProviders to 1 in the settings table (or add the key if it's not already there). We no longer support pCloud because it can cause too many problems once you get to a certain number of notes."

So, the question is, can that hack be done on a mobile device? I am assuming not, so can we get a toggle switch in the options or something to do this?

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