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Paste Special Plugin - New version released (July 2021)

No, it definitely doesn't require any internet connection to function.
Do comment if you have any other queries.

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Hey @tessus , i just noticed that this plugin is not listed in the Plugin List. Can you please add this to the list?

@coderrsid That list is auto-generated. You need to publish your plugin to npm, and the list will update based on it. You should be able to run npm publish from your repository to do this.

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Thanks Caleb. I'll do that right away.

Please make sure that the package.json and manifest.json match - at least the version number.


Hello, can you add shortcut keys to the paste function? thanks

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Sure, we can do that. Though i'd like some ideas. :smiley:


Is this plugin still being developed? I wanted to try it, but I couldn't install it from the app and it still doesn't seem to be in the plugin list?

Hello, can you provide the download of v1.1.2 JPL file? thank you @coderrsid