Paste Special Plugin - New version out 🎉 (Sep 2021)

  • Added shortcut keys as discussed
  • Updated and fixed the version number
  • Downloadable from app now!


  • Paste Excel/CSV as MarkDown table: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + V
  • Paste HTML as MarkDown: Alt + Shift + V


com.coderrsid.pasteSpecial.jpl 349 KB


IMO there should not be different shortcuts. I have explained the reasoning here:

Thanks for the input Helmut. I'll look into it whenever i get time.

Should I be able to copy a table from Excel and paste it in Joplin and it will be rendered as a markdown table?


Ctrl + Shift + V into Joplin and I am getting this:

It works via the Edit > Paste Special > CSV as Table

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I think you have multiple commands set in your keyboard shortcuts settings for '''Ctrl + Shift + V'''.
Can you check that once please in your Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts

I double checked again and I do not have anything to '''Ctrl + Shift + V'' or Alt + Shift + V.

Should I see the paste special in the keyboard shortcut? Cause I do not have paste special in keyboard shortcuts. I am running Joplin 2.3.4 portable on windows 10

I'm running v1.1.2 and Joplin 2.4.9.

I tried using alt shift v to paste as html and it did nothing. I don't see that in the keyboard shortcuts under options.

Ideas? Otherwise the feature works brilliantly and I'm so appreciative of it.

What I would really prefer, truth be told, is that ctrl v would past as html or as a table based on the content. Then ctrl shift v would (as it is in all the other applications I know) past as plain text.

I use version 2.6.10 and it does not work for me.