Plugin: CSV to Markdown table

Simple plugin for converting CSV data to markdown table: GitHub - oswida/joplin-csv-tables: CSV tables support for Joplin editor. What do you think?


New to this, but not sure how to install the file if there is no .jpl file. Any visual tutorial on how to use it?

@JustaDemo welcome to the forum.

Have a look at the "Paste Special" plug-in being developed. The current version handles HTML to Markdown and CSV to Markdown.

The direct download link is for the .jpl file.

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nice I just looked at it.. Seems to make a table out of a small amount of the data. I have a large excel sheet, but there's only like 3 rows shown out of 70

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Maybe speaking to @coderrsid who is developing the plug-in may help? Admittedly, it is stated that it is still an early version in development.

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There will bo no release for this plugin - please look at Paste Special (Excel & HTML)

Oh, is this only alphabetical and number data or more you're trying to paste?