Password for specific profiles?

Hello all,
I know I can set a master password to enable notes encryprtion for the whole joplin app.
But what about password for a single profile?
When I'm at work, I would like to use a work profile along with a private profile on my computer.
My computer may be used by someone else occasionally, so I don't like the idea to let him/her look at my private notes.
Actually I use two separate instances of joplin; one of which is on an ecrypted volume (veracrypt).
Is there a way to password protect a specific profile?
Or can you evaluate this feature to be included in a future release?

This has been discussed many times. I am not the dev, but I think it will not happen.
There is other options so:
a) on a desktop (e.g. windows) run Joplin under two different users (call it work and Joe).you may sync one and not the other
b) on your phone it shouldn't be an issue, I guess you are not sharing your phone
c) or use the "switch profile" feature

What I don't understand is the logic. If your computer is used by somebody else, quit Joplin and dismount the Veracrypt disk. Where is the need for more ?

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The logic is time.
It's time consuming to mount the volume (you need to copy/paste the password from your password manager), open joplin, sync joplin and start to work.
With a password for a profile I would simply switch profile, enter password, get joplin already synced (I would hope) and ready to work.

Something like that isn't trivial to implement. The files for each profile would need to be encrypted on the local disk itself which isn't the case at the moment. As already mentioned above, the easiest way is probably to just make separate user accounts in the OS. Once you finish working, lock your account, and then the other person can log in and use theirs. This way all user data should stay separated. This is best practice anyway when sharing a computer between multiple people.

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... and anyway, unless you do not encrypt the whole profile folder locally (far from ideal), you might add a password, but that wouldn't stop a wrong-doer with access to your computer to find and read contents, because Joplin does not encrypt the local profile.