To protect data in Joplin by password

Hello dear!

Could you please add a feature to enter to Joplin by password. In order to make Joplin more secure.


Which platform do you have in mind?
Android already has app locks, and iOS would probably have one as well

I mean to open Joplin on my computer Windows 10 and macOS Catalina. I would like to use password before open Joplin.

Thank you!

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I believe there is something called AppCrypt in Mac. There may be something similar in Windows.
Joplin doesn’t have password protection now, although the idea has been floated a few times before.

The bigger question is why would you want a password in a desktop app when your machine already has a password login and lock screen mechanism in place?


For some users the computer / mobile is shared, whether a work situation or home situation, and creating accounts on the machine either isn’t allowed or isn’t practical (or isn’t possible, in the case of many mobile devices). For work machines there’s also the issue of information on disk not being secure in the above scenarios (and in backups) as it isn’t locally encrypted.

I can see your point but at some stage users have to take some responsibility for their own data security. If a user is going to create files that contain sensitive information they should at least consider whether the system and/or OS they intend to use is suitable for that purpose. This applies to any application not just Joplin.

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There are a few "solutions" to the things you mention. I'll go over them:

  1. Shared home computer - If it is a home computer, privacy can't really be the issue. You may want to keep out pesky siblings or little kids out - so create a separate account there.
  2. Shared work computer - These typically are Windows machines with multiple accounts (sometimes iMacs). iMac's almost certainly would be set up with multiple accounts. The Windows ones probably too. For the Wiindows machines that aren't, you can use Joplin portable from a USB flash drive.
  3. Shared home mobile device - Again its not about privacy. If you must, then you can set up an app lock.
  4. Shared work mobile device (??) - I don't think that's how it works. If it is a shared work device, then what are your personal notes doing there in the anyway?

A app password doesn't encrypt the data on the disk either. If your work computer needs disk encryption then you'll have to convince your sys-admin of course.....


Chiming in to say I would very much like this feature as well, and the lack of it is preventing me from using it with my team.