Joplin & veracrypt only for some notes / booklet

Dear members of the Joplin community,

I am starting to consider using Joplin not only for my personal notes, but also for my professional notes/work. If I do this, I will have to put the notes on veracrypt as suggested in your FAQ (and where all my work data is already stored).
But I would like to know if it is possible to put only some notebooks / notes on veracrypt (my professional notes), and not the others (personal).
I ask this because I would like to continue to use Joplin for my personal notes with my smartphone, and I don't see how I could synchronise some notes between my computer and my smartphone, but only for the personal one (my smartphone is not secure enough to put my work data).

If it is not possible, do you know if it is possible to install 2 Joplin (on ubuntu)? Maybe I need to ask this on ubuntu forum?

Thank you for your advice and help (and for all your work!)

Can't you put all notes, including personal ones, on the Veracrypt drive? May as well encrypt everything since there could be sensitive data on the personal notes too.

If not, perhaps a solution is to create a second profile (Under File => Switch profile) for work. Then you can probably manage with symlinks to put the work profile on the Veracrypt drive. That work profile will be under ~/.config/joplin-desktop/profile-xxxxx (where "xxxx" is a unique ID)

Hey Laurent, and thank you for your message.

The issue will be to have access to my personal notes on my smartphone, but only the personal ones. I can't synchronize my professional notes.

When you talk about the idea of a second profile on linux, with symlinks, do you think it would be possible to have access, at the same time, to my professional and personal notes on Joplin?


Yes that's what profiles are for. On mobile you'll only load the personal profile, while on desktop you'll have both.

Have a look here for more info about profiles:

Oh I didn't know this possibility of different profile on Joplin.
Thank you so much Laurent.
I 'm going to check if that's work for me

Thank you very much @laurent , I tried the solution you propose with two different profiles, and it works perfectly considering what I want to do.

The only problem is that I don't know how to change the path where my notes should go in my veracrypt folder. I have seen where they are on my local hard drive, but I can't see how to move the address of them in joplin (under linux), and I didn't see in the FAQ where the procedure is indicated. Can anyone help me with this if possible? I'm sorry if there was a thread on this already, the only one I've seen that talks about it, several users have advised against it:


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