Keeping personal notes separate from work notes with encryption?

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I use Joplin on two different that is my personal device and one for work. I often create notes on my personal device that I don't wish to have viewable on my work device.

I've been thinking about how to best accomplish this and wanted to get your opinions on whether this is the right approach:

  1. First, re-encrypt all my personal notes on my personal MacBooks with a new encryption key. Do not share this key with the work MacBooks.
  2. Configure work MacBook to use a different encryption key. Copy this key back to personal MacBook so personal MacBook can read and access notes created on the work MacBook.

If I understand how things work correctly, this should allow all my notes to be consumed on the personal MacBook, but will only allow the work MacBook to consume notes it has itself created. The other notes will still be sync, but left encrypted.

Does this make sense and it is the right approach? Or are there other recommendations?

Thanks in advance.


Hi there, Joplin has a feature called Profiles -- that might be what you're looking for


Thanks for the response. In my scenario, how would you imagine using it? A personal and work profile on the personal MacBook, and simply one work profile on the work MacBook?

Yeah, that sounds exactly how I would do it :+1:

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Can both profiles sync to the same joplin cloud account?

I doubt that both profiles can use the same sync target. As far as I know Joplin expects to sync to a folder called Joplin. SO you cannot sync profile 1 to a folder called Joplin_1, and profile 2 to Joplin_2. But it is worth a trial.

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