Password to open Joplin

Hi I'vé just downloaded Joplin and added some sensitive notes. I wish to use Jopin on my Desktop only, however, I've found that it doesn't require a password to open it. Am I missing something?


No, unforunately not. This was discussed a lot of times and the conclusion was for the moment: Joplin is a note taking program and not intended for highly senstive data. Besides that, if someone gained access to your computer, you have bigger problems. Joplin should be secured with the login of the pc.

Thanks for that

There is info in the Joplin FAQ about this too.

It isn't entirely closed off, PRs are welcome but it isn't seen as a priority.


Well, being able to store "highly sensitive data" in a safe place is one of the great pro arguments for using Joplin, isn't it? Maybe there should be better advice for new users regarding possible loopholes like iCloud backup being turned on by default (which is not Joplin's fault, admittedly).

And there's a workaround for the Windows desktop version: putting JoplinPortable and its data directory in a Veracrypt vault effectively means using Joplin with password protection turned on.

Full Disk Encryption is a good option to enable on most operating systems.

Not an easy thing on the most widely used OS, though: Windows Home. It's possible, but requires a Microsoft account and trusting MS servers with storing the recovery key. That's why those workarounds involving third-party software like Veracrypt are necessary: sad to say, but not Joplin's fault (and a strong case for using FOSS software and a FOSS OS as well).

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