Open link in a browser context menu option

I am a kind of a new user. I have been using Joplin on and off for two years now in parallel with Raindrop. At first, I took Raindrop as a general favorites manager and Joplin more for research organization based on its organizing and clipping capabilities.

Raindrop would be adequate if the nested collections were not a part of a paid feature set.

There was one thing that always hindered me from using Joplin only and it is that it is not really intended to be a bookmark manager. Then I found that each clipping has among the note properties, the URL of the original note. So, I am now slowly switching entirely to Joplin.

My feature request is to add “open in a browser” option in the context menu on the note name which opens the associated URL from note properties. I think that it could be useful to someone other than me too.

The other option that I would like to see, but do not know if it is really possible is the ability to add an icon (like favicon) in front of the name of the notebook.

Thank you for making this wonderful application.

You need to put the link inside these [ name of website ] ( url of website ), it will show google in viewer mode, shortcut key is Ctrl+K to create hyperlinks.

If you don''t want to do that to all of your URL, you can use Autohotkey to open these link. check it here Open local file using Autohotkey

You can also sort of add icons to the name, you can add emojis but your computer needs to support this. this is my inbox notebook :inbox_tray:inbox,

I know / see how cmd-K works within Joplin. But I do not see how this feature provides the otherwise missing context command which SaleB is looking for. It lets you enter name, text and title but it cannot open a browser (including Joplin 1.5.7). Can you explain ?

The original request was adding another menu item to the context menu when you right-click a note in the note list.

I'm not sure if that info is known at that moment, or if that data has to be retrieved at right-click. Laurent would know for sure.