Should links in Notes launch straight into browser?

Hello all,
Joplin-newbie here - trying it out after moving from the ever-bloating Evernote (hmmm... Everbloat). Anyway, I'm enjoying Joplin very much so far.

My only issue is with links in notes.
They show up as links (blue and underlined) and the link address is definitely there (I can right-click and Copy Link Address, then paste into my browser and all is good.

My question is this: Why don't the links launch straight into my browser when I click on them?
I have to do the copy/paste thing to make it work.
Am I missing something?
Any assistance greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

Joplin 2.8.8 Desktop
Mac OS 12.5.1

Hello and welcome to the forum, @GMacSpark!

Which view are you talking about? And which kind of links - web URLs?

I'm on Windows, but in the rendered view, left-clicking a link opens the browser as expected.
In the Editor, it also works when I ctrl+click. (But on this one, I'm not sure if it isn't because of the Rich Markdown plugin.)

Joplin has two ways of editing. One is the "Markdown editor" where you have two panes; one with the markdown code and one showing the rendered view. The other is the "Rich-Text Editor" where you edit and display the rendered note in the one window (WYSIWYG).


According to this post, if you are using the rich-text editor you activate the link by pressing CMD and left-clicking it (CTRL left-click on Windows).

Ahhh yes... I am, indeed, in the Rich Text Editor.
And, as you say, Cmd-clicking the link does exactly what I was looking for.
(I feel a bit stupid for not trying that :^)
Thank you, sir, you have solved my only problem with Joplin! Bravo!

Thank you for the welcome and your prompt reply, zblesk!
Turns out I was in the Rich Text Editor and trying to directly open Web URLs into the browser.
dpoulton (below) provides the same solution as yours (cmd-left clicking [on Mac]), which works perfectly for me.
Thank you for your input!

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