Open local file using Autohotkey


I just want to share this autohotkey called text launcher.ahk by dave3456 found it in Dynalist forum

its more of a companion program to open directories/urls, if someone knows autohotkey, they can improve or add more feature to this.

Since you share and propose it (and I am too lazy to follow the links) let me tap into your knowledge of Autohotkey ? How does it get installed ? does it work system wide with any think shown on screen ? have you seen any bugs or problems when using it with Joplin ?

Hi ajay, I'm not too knowledgeable about Autohotkey scripts but I can guide you with the basics.

You download the Autohotkey program but you don't really need to install it. Then run the Autohotkey script, select the text on the program and it will look for links like https, then show you the links. I think it can work with any program, you can set it to just focus on Joplin if you want. . I have not seen any bugs or problems.

I advice you to run it to see how it works.

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