Sync Target: Suggestions?

OneDrive has been my sync target for as long as I've been using Joplin (a year, maybe longer).

Worked flawlessly until yesterday when Microsoft broke something in the OneDrive API.

Looks like I'm searching for a new Sync target.

WebDAV: not crazy about exposing WebDAV to the outside world
Filesystem: nope, looking for a remote mirror that works w/ mobile devices
Nextcloud: not crazy about hosting it myself
Dropbox: maybe
S3: maybe

Looks like Dropbox is the best choice as S3 is in beta.

Anything to be aware of w/ Dropbox or is it a seamless integration?

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Self-hosted Nextcloud is generally the best option because it's faster and without restrictions. Dropbox works well in general but I think they throttle connections when you sync a lot of data, which might be annoying when you setup a new device. If you don't want to self-host though, it's probably the best option.


I am using nextcloud, works fine, but please understand nextcloud is using webdav too. Here is another solution, which I tried, with limited space (2Gb or 4), but otherwise perfectly fine and free.

  • create an email account at
  • this comes with free cloud space
  • and has been around for some 20 years without ever forcing customers to buy plans or restrictions.
    I tested this a few days ago, admittedly with a small test DB and from Android. Carefree !

Dropbox works well for me. If I could get WebDAV to work on pCloud, I'd sync there as I like pCloud more than Dropbox.

This is the pCloud WebDAV URL

I have no problems.

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You can use filesystem and use another cloud service like syncthing, resilio or mega.
As for nextcloud there are plenty of servers so you don't have to host it yourself like opendesktop

Dont go with S3. Sadly, it's still broken.

My requirements are pretty simple, so I've been using Dropbox simply because I already had the account. Would you please describe why you prefer pCloud? I know nothing about it, but if I understood its advantages, perhaps I'd switch.


In general I like pCloud over Dropbox because they have a lifetime plan. I'd rather pay once than get stuck paying over and over again. Also there were issues in the past with Dropbox dropping Linux support and dropping support for Linux encrypted file systems. That didn't end up affecting me, but hearing about it after the fact rubbed me the wrong way. Another is that privacy on Dropbox has been questioned more than privacy on pCloud (according to what I've read.)

I am still using Dropbox (free account) for Joplin so it isn't like I am completely against it. Dropbox seems to be more compatible overall in many situations than pCloud and that is why I still haven't purchased a pCloud account.

To be fair, I need to do more investigation but for now what I have is working so I am going along with what I have.

Nextcloud works great. I have used a free hosted Nextcloud and I have self-hosted Nextcloud. I prefer self hosting since you have greater control.