Which Synchronisation Repository works the best?

Joplin Version 10.5.1
Joplin on iPad iOS 14.2

I use WebDAV for synchronisation and continuously have an error which prevents Joplin from synchronising, instead, it shows „abbrechen“ (German for „abort“). I already reported this problem in this forum.

Trying to find the reason for the error, I think maybe my WebDAV provider (Web.DE) could be the reason. Therefore my question: are there sync targets (Dropbox, OneDrive,...) which function more reliable?

Thanks in advance for an answer.

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Definitely avoid onedrive, certainly at the moment as there are quite a few problems with it. I've not had any issues with my NextCloud provider so far.

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Thank you very much for your prompt response.
One thing confuses me: Nextcloud is a synchronising service, Joplin synchronises too. Could this eventually concurring synchronisations lead to a clash?

Joplin connects to the Nextcloud host directly, it doesn't have to write local files which are then synced. You can have it sync via Nextcloud (or dropbox, WebDAV, Onedrive etc.) without having a local sync directory at all. In any case the files being written to the sync directory are more than just simple files, there is metadata in the markdown files (amongst other things) that stop things getting out of hand. If you do have two devices making edits before either syncs it can lead to a clash but Joplin will mark that file for review for you.

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I am using nextcloud and it works fine but very slow (this is one of the reasons they are working on a much faster Joplin server solution I believe). But I have been using the cloud on web.de too, for testing, for a while. It worked flawlessly across different devices - but a little slow too.

I noticed in the beginning that you have to use the following link:
https:// webdav.smartdrive.web.de/Joplin/ (+ user / password)

If you omit https:// it causes errors. Does this help ?


Thank you for your post. I use the link exactly as you wrote it, i.e. with „https://„.

The problem I have has somehow to do with the sync lock token (apparently a file), which can not be deleted. Unfortunately it is not possible in Joplin (at the iPad, where the problem occurs) to copy the error message („Konfiguration/Protokoll“) and paste it here at the forum.

I've been using Dropbox for a few years now without any issues.

How many clients do you sync with Joplin?

These days I mainly use the desktop app on Windows. Before lockdowns began I was also using the Android app but these days I don't need it any more.

I also run the CLI version on Linux, but it's read-only - it only pulls notes from Dropbox and is used for my Telegram bot.

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