Notes under folder - move to main area

I got a folder called "personal" under that there are various sub-folders - medical, gardening etc. There are notes that don't belong to any of the sub-folders. These notes are living under the "personal" folder. Is there a way to bring these notes under the sub-folder level so they are not hiding under the "personal" folder? Thanks.

I'm not sure I fully understand. I'm imagining it looks something like:

Personal 2
    Medical 4
    Gardening 3

It sounds like you want to move those notes in Personal (as an example above there are two notes in that notebook) but I'm not sure I understand where you want to move them to.

In terms of organisation it is identical to what I put but you can't display notes in the notebook pane.

Drag the note and drop it where you want it to go or highlight a bunch and pick "Move" from the menu that comes up. Or am I misunderstanding the question?

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