Moving a notebook to make a subnotebook

desktop, Not mobile.
I recently made the mistake of making a notebook on Android for a note that will be inside that notebook. Then in Windows, I needed to move that notebook from near the bottom of my 182 folders to near the top. The only way I could figure out was to move it up to a folder near the top of my screen. Then scroll the screen down and move it again, then again and about the third time I was able to get it into the book notes folder as a sub-folder.

This procedure seems ridiculous. Also, while doing that, two folders ended up becoming subfolders somewhere. So, I was forced to drag them up to the higher level notebook. I'd like a command to make a subfolder move up one level or down a level.

But mostly, drag and drop is great if your notebooks fit on one screen, but very cumbersome if they don't.

May be not what you want, but a work-around :slight_smile:

  1. right-click on the folder you need to move, export it as JEX (includes notebook and all its notes),
  2. back to menu -> import -> import Jex -> select the same file you just exported

This brings said notebook to the top, but of course it does not allow you to move it to a specific position in the middle of your 1800 items long list.

Even then, drag & drop as the only method is also problematic in terms of accessibility, e.g. older people with reduced motion sensitivity are often unable to make stable moves with the mouse while keeping a button pressed. It would be nice to have an alternative method through a menu command.