Custom sort notes

Can anybody tell me how the custom sort order of notes (in the notes list) really works ?
I can select it, but I don't see how to arrange the notes to my liking ? Dragging a note ? right-click menu ? anything else ? I cannot find it.
Or do I misinterpret the meaning of "custom order" ?

Any help very much appreciated !!


for me (on a windows 10 system) it works by toogling to custom order via the button next to search bar:
or via menu -> view -> sort notes by...


Then left-click the note you want to move and keep it clicked while moving up/down the list of notes. Release it at the position you want to have it. (Drag&Drop)


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That how I guessed it should work, but on osx the drag&drop just doesn't work.
Created an issue on git.

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