Notebooks not syncing from Win 11 Laptop to Android Devices

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Installed Joplin on Win11 Laptop. Imported EN Notebooks. Opened Joplin Cloud Account and signed in. Installed Joplin Android app V2.12.3 on Android device(s). Signed in to Joplin Cloud Account on android phone and tablet. Ran Synchronise on Laptop, then on Android devices. All were reported as successful. However, NO notebooks were actually sent from Win11 laptop to either Android Device. I've retried syncing several times yesterday and today. No error messages, but no notebooks sync.

Make sure you give the sync permissions on your laptop... I had to complete a couple steps I didn't realize when I loaded mine, one was an extra permission in WIN 11 joplin program.

I'm ashamed to admit I cannot find how to do this. I'm at current Patch Tuesday version of Win 11, and I cannot find where to access this setting. The old ways seem to have vanished. I do thank you for the response. I'll re-visit this after lunch....

It's in the Joplin program, it kinda has nothing to do with WIN 11, I forgot where I found it but I think the extra step was in tools> options> either synchronize or the Joplin Cloud buttons... somewhere it asked me to give a permission, then my sync worked right after that.

Yes! There was another place under Options that required Target and Password values filled in. Hit the Synchronise Button after that - all is good! Thanks again.

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Glad you found it, enjoy.

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