Android app sync "successful", but no notes/notebooks

Joplin 1.3.13
Android 11
Syncing between multiple devices to encrypted dropbox. A rather large pile of notes (90MB .jex file).

I refreshed my phone. This means ... I have to sync to the new one. I did this:

  1. Desktop: Synced, then backed everything to a .jex file. Then shut down the desktop.
  2. Mobile: Android app freshly installed.
  3. Mobile: Opened Joplin and deleted all the example notebooks and notes
  4. Mobile: I configured dropbox to the existing Joplin instance.
  5. Mobile: Synced it. ...zillion notes flood in. It says "complete."
  6. Mobile: Synced it again. ...zillion more notes flood in. It says "complete" again.
  7. Mobile: Synced it a third time. ... now asking for encryption key and all that.
  8. Mobile: I give the passphrase for two listed master keys and get the green checkbox.
  9. Mobile: I sync again and now it says it is decrypting everything.
  10. Mobile: It says sync is complete ... still no notebooks or notes.
  11. Mobile: I ask it to sync again. Completes. Nothing. Rinse. Repeat.

What am I doing wrong here? It's been some time since I had to add a sync client.


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