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What issue do you have?

Just installed Joplin on my laptop & android.

Then imported my library from my laptop (about 300x *.enex).

Then turned on sync which mirrored it all to my android. Perfect.

However changes in android Joplin does not reflect in the laptop Joplin.

I see a bunch of the same/similar question here but no solution from Joplin?

Anyone managed to fix this?


Solution is always the same: Dropbox is slow so you need to wait for sync to be complete on all devices

This issue is seen not only with dropbox.

In my specific case also, all is synced according to the info box in Joplin, yet not visible in the laptop version (that have the same info).

You don't mention how you are syncing between the laptop and the mobile if it's not Dropbox.

Please read other threads. Im not refering to anything new here.

Anyone who can actually can help out here?

The sync seem to run every time but do not reflect in the laptop version of the app. It is not due to slow dropbox speed. There is a jam somehow. And I dont mean a jazz jam, if only that was the case..

The app seems to mess up things if you do just about anything during encryption.

Today when I gave Joplin another try, the following happened when I tried to just move a notebook:

  • a bunch of notebooks (many) dissapeared and did not came back
  • app. 5x new folders appeared named "decrypted", then dissapeared after 5 min
  • finally the app starts to update remote objects again after doing so about 900x times (for app. 200x notebooks)

Together with my first impression, this is not good at all. Too sensitive and much can go wrong so easily.

Not that I want this but so far its more like a House of cards for me. Too bad. I really wanted this to work.

You have a lot of notes and you're using the slowest sync method so you need to wait every time and make sure sync is fully completed on the device you're on. Otherwise indeed this can cause problems, for example if you move a notebook to a different places, then move it again from another device, while sync was not completed on the first device.

But feel free to share your log and we can check.