Synchronizing issues


Ever since I've been trying to use Joplin it's never been able to sync successfully with either my Android phone or my iPad.

Is this a normal issue?
So I use the Windows PC desktop mostly and save notes to there. I try to use Dropbox and a destination for the files to sync across platform, but normally the apps, Android and ipadOS hardly ever return with the majority of the notes. Only a few to seem to be showing and the little sync wheel do show to be active, but eventually stop and show as completed sync, but agin most my files are not there.
Using latest Joplin versio0n, though all version have had same issue.
Windows 10.

Is there a successful best way to do this on cloud? I do not have NAZ drive.


You need to make sure all your devices are synced and have uploaded their data. It's just start with a simple test:

  • Create a note on desktop
  • Synchronise on desktop
  • Open the app on Android
  • Synchronise o Android

Does the note show up? If not, please provide the information that was asked for in the template that you deleted without reading

Was the initial sync ended without turning off the display or putting the app in the background on the mobile devices?

Not all notes, folders, or tags are displayed on the mobile app

Check on all your devices the sync status and compare the numers to see if all imtes are uploaded and downloaded.

How can I check the sync status??](FAQ | Joplin)

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