Sync but no notes visible

I have all my notes on my android and it looks like everything is synced on my pc but I can’t see any notes in the PC Joplin program. Is there a way to get everything re-synced without wiping out all my data again?

Is everything really synced? For example if all the notes are synced but the notebooks are not, nothing will be visible. What does the Status config screen says? Also is there any error in the log or console?

First, thank you for your patience and help!

I checked the android and desktop logs and found no errors. I am using file/Syncthing syncing.

  1. This is the sequence that let to this point:
  2. Two desktop and one android devices synced correctly
  3. Backed up sync directory on one of the PC’s
  4. Add another android device to SyncThing
  5. Resynced everything.
  6. No files on either PC’s, sync directories blank.
  7. Restored backup to the PC it was taken from
  8. Waited for all sync directories to re-sync
  9. Sync directories for both PC’s are repopulated
  10. Neither PC shows any notes or notebooks, only the welcome screens
  11. The original Android shows ALL notes from before


  1. What do I need to backup so that when it is restored I get my notebooks\notes back
  2. How do I get all the other devices to sync with the original Android which still has the notes