Notebook, Note, To-do, Tag, Search Favorites Plugin

There are some plugins which are not working with the latest versions. Hope we get an update to Favorites app soon


A new version of the plugin has just been released and published to the plugin repository.

:warning: CAUTION - Requires Joplin v2.1.5 or newer


  • Plugin API to version v1.8.2 ( registerSettings ) to support app version v2.2.4 or newer
  • Do not trim search queries (whitespaces before or after won't be removed)


  • Bundled font packages (FontAwesome, Roboto)
    • Use built-in versions to decrease plugin size
  • External copy-to-clipboard package
    • Use of clipboard functionality provided by plugin API v2.1.5

What colors do I put for foreground and backgrouond to have the Favorites panel match the Notebooks panel?

See here: Notebook, Note, To-do, Tag, Search Favorites Plugin - #8 by benji300


Thanks. Works perfectly.

Love the plugin!

Love the plugin!

But how do I get it into the Notebooks/Tags space? I can situate it below or above using the View/Change Application Layout options, but not into.


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I had to wipe my Joplin installation to deal with issues. I had a full backup of the joplin-desktop folder though. Where can I go to grab all my favorites that the plugin had stored? I had some elaborate saved searches in there I'd rather not have to recreate from scratch. Thanks!

Unfortunately this is not possible. As the Notebooks/Tags area is a single panel you cannot place the favorites panel inside of it. So you can only place it above or below the whole Notebooks/Tags area.

The favorites are stored in the local App database. Which is stored in ./joplin-desktop/database.sqlite. If you have a complete backup of the joplin-desktop folder you should also have a backup of your favorites. Once you replace the database file after reinstalling the app and installing the plugin, your saved favorites should reappear.

Thanks. I actually had to rebuild the database from the backup JEX for safety, but having access to the database here saved me a lot of time.

I love Favorites, its so flexible and well-integrated!
I have one remaining aesthetic problem with the borders around the favorites pane and the Notebooks list and Notes list panes.

While there is an interface in the plugin's advanced settings for changing the colors of text, background, etc, the border "chrome" does not have an option. See attached image, where the white border is visible in a incoherent way. I also think the border width should be thinner. Settings for this would be appreciated.


Thanks for your feedback @tokeriis :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this is nothing which is caused by the plugin... please see here for details.

Are you using a custom theme? Because I would assume another white border on the right hand side of the notebooks/tags area.

When using system theme on a system that automatically switches between its light and dark theme based on the time of day I have to restart Joplin every time the theme switch happens in order to make this plugin's pane match the theme. All the built-in panes change colors accordingly.
I guess there's no way to fix it for plugins, right?

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hm... I guess you have set the background option to var(--joplin-background-color2), right?

I can confirm this behavior. The background can be updated by opening the settings menu.
Also changing the theme via the preferred light theme option, updates the background directly.

I can see that in case the system theme was updated the handled css variable --joplin-background-color2 is not updated. So this should be addressed to the app devs I guess.

yeah, that's correct.
Thanks for looking into it.

@laurent is this something that could be fixed?

Came here to report this as well. This favorites plugin and the note tabs plugin have this issue. Should this be reported in as an issue in the Joplin github for greater visibility?

After reading this post: Featrue requst of Trashbin - #4 by johano I thought it would be cool if it was possible to drag and drop notes onto a favorite that was a folder and have the note be moved into that folder.

Right now when I try and do this the result is just adding the note to the favorites bar, which of course makes sense.

Really like this plugin, thanks for the constant updates. Currently there are some requirements for the management of collection objects, and I hope to do some enhancements.

  1. I hope to be able to do multi-level management and implement a management function similar to hierarchical folders. It looks like this.
    Desired multi-layer effect

  2. would like to be able to export the contents of the backup collection so that it can be imported in a new computer. (Although you mentioned the ability to export the contents of a backup collection in . /joplin-desktop/database.sqlite, but it's not convenient)

I have already two open feature requests addressing your topics which you can upvote.

However, I can't tell you when or if I will implement these features. At least for the first one, I would wait for a general solution in the app. Instead of each plugin implementing its own solution.

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Thank you for your timely and attentive response.
Multi-level favorites, I personally envision that it is not just to save some temporary excellent notes, but can be extended as a way to manage them.
I want to use the save search function of this plugin to build a whole set of huge automatic search system, which can categorize and filter according to my pre-set rules, and can save these categorized filter conditions in a hierarchical way. For example, I want to search for notes that have both A and B but not C.
After that, I just need to create a new note, and use this multi-level preset search, just need to mouse to make a click, can quickly use these search criteria, to search for notes. I don't need to re-enter the complex and difficult to remember search criteria every time.
Of course considering the performance you are talking about, it may only need to be updated every once in a while, like once a day, or manually.
It might look something like this.
It might look something like this.20220218

I look forward to your response regarding the feasibility of this idea.