Bookmarks for entire notes

Joplin is nice for having notes and TODO lists interleaved (I typically improvised TODO list with checkboxes). I often find myself juggling between several notes each related to some project or task this way. This is better than typical TODO app built around a short list of items because of all the conveniences of markdown and easy editing around the line items.

Yes, I can do Ctrl+g and search to switch a note I edited five minutes ago, but it becomes tiresome after a while.

What would be very nice is ability to switch between notes using typical bookmark-related shortcut, say Ctrl-1 to Ctrl-0. Say set a project bookmark to Ctrl-1 and largish task bookmarks to Ctrl-2 etc. Why organize it this way: well keeping everything related to a project in one huge note is hardly ergonomic.

Would this plugin be of use for you?

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