Notebook, Note, To-do, Tag, Search Favorites Plugin


Thank you a LOT for this pluggin, very efficient.

Have you progress to the sync functionality ? The Git repo seems to be inactive, did you drop the project or do you make a pause for some times ?

Thx !

Sorry if I am reviving an old thread but this is where I was sent to post directly from the help page for this plugin. As somebody mentioned earlier, this is a must have plugin for somebody coming from Evernote (along with History plugin, Agenda plugin, Hot folder plugin to name a few).

This plugin doesn't work for me well.

The other Note Tabs plugin works fine as expected.

But this one mostly doesn't. Most of the time it refuses to add the favorite and instead displays some strange message OK/CANCEL without giving any more details. But occasionally it works, on the same note, after a few tries, sometimes 3-5 times try, I get the empty box OK/CANCEL and then suddenly it works fine, on the same note.

This is a new installation of Joplin, have no data in it yet.

Also the favorite deletion dialogue could be improved because it doesn't say anything other than the buttons.

The last picture shows how it looks like when it works on the same note after trying it a few times.

Thank you for the effort put in this plugin. Much appreciated.

PS - what's up with this limit of only being able to send 1 picture per post in this forum. Is this limit set for newbies? Makes no sense. I have to combine different pictures into one when I am trying to explain something.

Joplin Version 2.8.8 (2.8.8)
The theme I am using is Blank theme from the official Joplin plugin repository. It offers better visibility so I prefer to use it. Maybe that could be the culprit why no text showing in the error box?

So I am trying to write a plugin that toggles the visibility of the sidebar, the favourites panel and the notes list at the same time.. Sometimes I like to have just one big notes editor window visible only.

I've kind of succeeded, but whenever I make everything invisible, and then toggle it back to visibility, the layout gets reset. Anyone know how to fix this?

Here is my very simple code:

	onStart: async function() {
		await joplin.views.toolbarButtons.create('toggleCustomButton', 'toggleCustom', 'noteToolbar');

        await joplin.commands.register({
            name: 'toggleCustom',
            label: 'Custom Toggle',
            iconName: 'fas fa-bullseye',
            execute: async () => {
				await joplin.commands.execute('toggleNoteList');
				await joplin.commands.execute('toggleSideBar');
				await joplin.commands.execute('favsToggleVisibility');


This is what it looks like before toggling when everything is visible:


And then if I toggle them all invisible, and visible again, the panel height is reset:

Anyone got any ideas if this can be fixed through code or CSS?

Re: One button to toggle on and off the sidebar, notes list and favorites

Hi all. In case anyone is interested, I managed to work out how to fix this. The current visibility of panels is held in a global setting, so I use that. I can't just use the existing toggle commands, because the order in which you make each panel visible and invisible is important, and different depending on whether you are toggling on or off!

If you happen to want a button which toggles the sidebar, notes list and favourites on and off, without screwing up the panel heights, you could save this js file somewhere and reference it in the Advanced Settings of your plugins.

Use at your own risk: Works for my layout, but if you are using any other fancy panels, may have unexpected results :slight_smile:

/* joplin-manifest: 
	"manifest_version": 1,
	"id": "com.jeffries.customtoggle",
	"app_min_version": "1.4",
	"name": "Note list, sidebar and favorites toggle buttons",
	"description": "Add buttons to toggle everything",
	"version": "0.0.1",
	"author": "Nick Jeffries",
	"homepage_url": ""

	onStart: async function() {
		function recurseFind(item, key) {
			if (item.key === key) return item;
			if (item.children) {
				for (const child of item.children) {
					const found = recurseFind(child, key);
					if (found) return found;
			return null;

		await joplin.views.toolbarButtons.create('toggleCustomButton', 'toggleCustom', 'noteToolbar');

        await joplin.commands.register({
            name: 'toggleCustom',
            label: 'Custom Toggle',
            iconName: 'fas fa-bullseye',
            execute: async () => {
				const userLayout = await joplin.settings.globalValue('ui.layout');

				const sideBarObject = recurseFind(userLayout,'sideBar');
				const noteListObject = recurseFind(userLayout,'noteList');
				const favBarObject = recurseFind(userLayout,'plugin-view-joplin.plugin.benji.favorites-favorites.panel');
				if (!sideBarObject || !noteListObject || !favBarObject) { 
					alert('Cannot toggle! Sidebar, Notelist or Favorites panel not found in layout!'); 

				if (sideBarObject.visible) {
					// Sidebar is visible, so we need to hide everything in this order to avoid changes to panel height:
					if (favBarObject.visible) await joplin.commands.execute('favsToggleVisibility');
					await joplin.commands.execute('toggleSideBar');
					if (noteListObject.visible) await joplin.commands.execute('toggleNoteList');
				} else {
					// Sidebar is invisible, so we need to make visible in this order to avoid changes to panel height:
					await joplin.commands.execute('toggleSideBar');
					if (!favBarObject.visible) await joplin.commands.execute('favsToggleVisibility');
					if (!noteListObject.visible) await joplin.commands.execute('toggleNoteList');




Here is my information about Joplin:

Joplin 2.14.19 (prod, win32)
ID client : 49e8b5c0a27e4c7ea47133d561c692e5
Version de Synchro : 3
Version du profil : 46
Trousseau supporté : Oui
Révision : 971c4e5
Backup: 1.4.0
Favorites: 1.3.2

And thank you for this plugin.
I placed the favorites plugin on the left pane, juste after the list of notes:
And I'm a great user of F10 and F11 to get more space but when I use them, the plugin's panel is still visible:

Is it possible to hide the favs panel automatically, when there's nothing visible on he left panel?

Thanks by advance.

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I have exactly the same problem.

In the meantime I use the mouse: Tools: Favorites: Toogle favorites visibility
but it's not very practical.

If I understood correctly, it would be possible to add a new keyboard shortcut to this command?

In Tools: Options: Keyboard shortcut I don't see the toggle favorites command.

I then found this:

But not sure I understand: do I have to manually create a keymap-desktop.json file and add the favsToggleVisibility line and a shortcut?

It would be better than the mouse but it would be like 3 keyboard shortcuts to toggle the sidebar, favorites and notes list.

I also saw this that I will try:

and that:

What is the easiest method to switch panels?

In the meantime, thank you very much for the favorites plugin :slight_smile:

It's okay, I found the keymap-desktop.json file. Either he wasn't there when I looked, or I was tired :wink:
So I added the favsToggleVisibility line and after restarting Joplin I was able to add a keyboard shortcut :+1:

It would be handy to have a button or shortcut to toggle all the panels at once. This is what @nickzeff's code seems to do but I don't dare put too much code manually at the moment.

Excellent tip ! Thanks for it.
In the file C:\Users\XXXXX.config\joplin-desktop\keymap-desktop.json, I have added:

	  "command": "favsToggleVisibility",
	  "accelerator": "F12"

Like this I do F10, F11 and F12 and I'm in "full screen".

Yes, I even sometimes push all the buttons at once, a fullscreen mode with 4 fingers :sweat_smile:

A global button or shortcut would still be better :thinking:

Speaking of buttons, would it be possible to have one at the top right of the notes (next to the others), to toggle the favorites panel?