Sync screw-up

Using Joplin 1.2.6 on macbookPro Mojave and Samsung S10+ a week ago I noticed that new note were not syncing. Deleted my Android app and reinstalled. After sync it asked me to enter a new password and I entered the password from the Mac. that was a major mistake probably. Deleted app again and turned off encryption on Mac and restarted process. Notes were synchronized but some on Android was still encrypted. Move sync method to Onedrive. reinstalled Android and tried again. Still some encrypted files. When I enabled encryption again on Mac Joplin created new master keys. However on Android I am asked to enter the the master password. The main key is the first key made, not the latest on the Mac. I have backed up my notes on the Mac and maybe I should erase the syncc files and reinstall all apps. It may not work as the the problem seem to be in the master on the Mac.