Note size limit on android app

Hi everyone!

I just installed Joplin 1.8.5 on android 6, and started by creating a new note and pasting a text in it.

But the text was truncated, at 10491 characters, which does seem very big for a text.
And I cannot type any new single character after that.

I tried to delete some characters, that allowed me to type some, but then again, same limit.

I searched a lot on the internet but could not find any reference to this limit.

Does anyone know if there is some 10ko (!) limit for a single note in Joplin for android ?


Are there any errors in the log? There's no such limit as far as I'm aware, I have pasted much more that that (it got terribly slow though but was not truncated).

Android 6 suggests that your device is fairly old? Maybe it runs out of memory or something like this.

Can you try the build from this comment: Editing a long note is slow on Android - #48 by roman_r_m and see if there's any difference?

Hi, thanks for your help!
My device is a LG G4 from 2016, so yes, I guess it must be considered as old. But I can edit much longer texts in my other apps (gitjournal, markor, acode...) without problem.
I tried the build you provided but same problem.
I cannot see any errors in the log.
So maybe an android 6 only related issue?

I used to have the same phone, but not anymore.

I seriously doubt there's some limit specific to Android 6. Can you create a debug report: How to enable debugging | Joplin

Hi, do you mean the complete android bug report, or only the Joplin logs ?

Joplin should be fine, if there's nothing in there I doubt I'll be able to find anything in a complete report.

syncReport-1623265943927.txt (27.0 KB)

This How to enable debugging | Joplin

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