Individual Note Length Limit / Size Limit

Went searching through the archives and didn’t see anything on this.

I’m curious if these is a character length limit or size limit for text (not attached resources, like pics) for an individual note.

I do book read through and like to keep all my notes for a book in one note, but in my previous note app (Google Keep) there was a hard limit applied that I didn’t know about until 500 characters from the stopping point.

Does Joplin have any limits on number of words or characters in a note? Or a corresponding limit on the size of a text-only note?


There’s not really a limit on the size of notes but it’s better to stay below 10MB, because above that you may run out of memory when you sync on mobile.

Also for very large notes it might be convenient to use the external edit feature and edit the note in an external editor.

By the way what do you sync with? As some cloud providers might also have limit on the size of files.

That’s good to know. I didn’t think there would be any limits, but it’s good to have it confirmed. I’m not anywhere near that limit with my text-only notes, but wanted to make sure I didn’t have something bite me during this current read-through.

I’m using File System + Syncthing to get content between two Windows 10 devices (desktop and Surface Pro 4) and Android mobile device. It can be a bit finicky (specifically being confident that Syncthing is running properly on mobile and then further being confident that Joplin is syncing) but as I’ve figured out the quirks, it works quite well.

To confirm/clarify, I didn’t have any issues with syncing or using long notes. Just wanted to ask up front since I didn’t see the info elsewhere.

Really happy with Joplin. Thanks for making it!

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