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Android devices comes in many shades, and they all include different screen sizes and different screen resolutions. Is there a chance / a need / an interest in adding a setting to the Android Joplin App which allows the user to adjust how many lines (equivalent to how many notes or note titles ) are visible at any one time ?
My apology if this horse has been beaten to death before and I didn't see it. Since I updated my browser a few weeks ago, I can't see the forum search button any more ;(

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Hard to believe there ain't any interest at all ? On my older Android 8 device, a lot of white space visible inside Joplin.

Do you mean zooming out to show more notes without scrolling?



yes, but ....
I do want to see more lines, but a zoom would not change the visible size of chars.
If instead there was a way to reduce line space, and keep font size, that would work even better.

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