Nextcloud sync file formats

i just discovered joplin thru nextcloud.
i’m trying to sync some notes to a self-hosted nc server.
i managed to get the files to sync, but they are in .md format and in nc they appear with all metadata, which makes them useless to me (eg i can’t distinguish them by filename, can’t easily copy their contents).
but when i ‘share’ them with nc instead, they appear as text files (called textfile.txt) and i can use them. i can’t tell if joplin is supposed to work that way? ideally when i sync my notes their title in joplin wd be their filename in my nc joplin directory.

sorry if this a lame noob prob. i cd find no relevant settings/options nor forum posts…

(btw, i’m a poet not a technie, my notes are all just text. my idea was to use joplin somewhat like the ios notes app, but liberated from apple/icloud lunacy.)

Joplin uses its own format to sync its notes. While these files are md files at their core, they also include meta data and the naming is optimized for performance.
You are not supposed to touch, change, and use those files manually. They are used for synchronization only.

Basically you should only use the Joplin app to access your notes. But the app is available for all OS (macOS, Linux, Windows), mobile (Android, iOS), and there's even a terminal (CLI) version available.

Maybe someone will create a Nextcloud web app in the future. Who knows.

@foxmask already created a Web Frontend, which you can use to edit and manage notes via a web interface:

@laurent I think we should add a FAQ entry for this.

thx for your reply and clarification tessus.
ill try the desktop client or else seek out a different solution for my scenario.

There’s already one.

Ah, yes, I missed it. I actually looked at the FAQ site, but apparently overlooked it.


See, in particular script/ It contains comments and code to explain how the files work.